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My heart beats for
Rita Hayworth and Sharon Tate.
Opulent Toska


Judith and her Maidservant , by Artemisia Gentileschi.


1930’s Teen Delinquents

Natalie Wood, 1963.

I’m behind the time but in my own fashion world.


Sharon Tate poses in her apartment, in London, 1965


Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”


Kitten Postcard: 1910

Lauren Bacall, C.1940’s

Catherine Deneuve during the filming of La costanza della ragione, in Italy, 1964.Photo by Angelo Frontoni

Veronica Lake on the set of Sullivan’s Travels (1941)

Jayne Mansfield behind the scenes of Primitive Love (1964)

Gene Tierney

Brigitte Bardot, 1959. Photo by Sam Levin