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So I went out the other night and bumped into Robert Sheehan. Whatever, I don’t watch the misfits.

Then we get chatting a little, really nice guy.



He gave me his mobile number……yep……

…..because I lied to him. Said I was going to a house party and he was like “AW REALLY? WILL YOU TAKE MY NUMBER?” and I was like, yeah sure. Wipped out my phone and then I go, real smooth…”So…what’s your name?” and he goes, “Oh, it’s Rob. Robert Sheehan” and I said “Cool, see you later”……

By the way he was SURROUNDED by girls…each one was eating the face off him. It was sick. And I’m a bit jelly. Now I’m a bit obsessed. And find him slightly attractive now.

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    You lucky son of a bitch.
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    HOW ARE YOU SO CALM ABOUT THIS OMFG i’m actually so jealous ngl
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    FUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCK! YOUUUUUUUU! UGHHHHHHH! lol i’m not jealous at all, nope.
  7. virescere said: WHAT IS AIR. I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU MET HIM!! Omgggggggg
  8. christinedolaan said: PS, misfits is also my fav show. i spend hours watching best moments on youtube. ah, i cant believe you bumped into him. wowwwwwww
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  10. dokimasia said: omggggg
  11. allykooks said: Ooh! I’m not obsessed myself but he is a fine thing all the same ;) I met his brother a few months back; you’d know they were related a mile off! Not close to exciting like your night but hey, aha.
  12. ineveryending said: oh my god. very jelly rn ngel. but it’s cool because i live way too far away for any of this to happen to me. :)
  13. i-aint-born-typical said: holy. shit.
  14. greenkneehighs said: Today I saw an Irish short film in which Robert Sheehan finds a bog body and has tantric sex with a girl and this guy playing his brother. YOUR TIMING IS IMPECCABLE.